Can Governments Block Holochain?

“Some ​​advocates ​​are ​​convinced​​ that​​ BTC​​ will​​ run​​ forever.​​ We​​ hope​​ that​​ Holo​​ does​​ not.​​ Holo ​​is designed to put ​​itself​​ out​​ of​​ business​​ by​​ establishing widespread​​ adoption ​​of ​​Holochain.”

Holo Team

Holochain is decentralized.

As long as you maintain connection in a way, any third party authority cannot interfere. But Holo is semi-centralized. Decentralized part of it is that developers can’t use or sell users’ data. Therefore, in Holo universe, Facebook can’t know you more than you know yourself.

Centralized part of Holo is precautions for illegal contents. Let’s say there is child porn content in a hApp on Holo network. Legal authorities want to block this content and put the responsible person in jail. Holo team gives the identity information of hApp developer to legal authority and authorities deal with developer.

How Holo team get developers’ ID?

KYC (Know Your Customer) is compulsory for all hApp developers (not users). If you want to develop hApp on Holo network, you have to share your ID with team. Why? Because governments would say “there are illegal contents on Holo network so i will shut down Holo”.

As a protection for this kind of bad situation, Holo team gives the name of developer who is owner of hApp which contain illegal content.

What does Holo team do the illegal content? Nobody can delete or tamper data on Holo network. It’s impossible. Plus, no one can change the rules which is agreed upon by every users of an hApp. So the team release an update which makes this content unreachable and request them to accept update.

Number of users who don’t accept update would be low. Because majority doesn’t want to get into trouble with government. Minority wouldn’t be problem for Holo when we think Tor network is live even today.

Many people who advocate of full decentralization strongly criticize Holo’s semi-centralized structure. Holo must prefer semi-centralization because of precaution for illegal contents. “Romantic decentralists” aren’t pleased with this. They say “Holo is not revolutionary, it’s semi-centralized, what do you expect a system that is not full decentralized?”. This kind of criticism is unfair and overlook today’s reality because full decentralization is not realistic for today.

Holo team is aware of this even if their ultimate goal is full decentralization. They don’t want to encounter with governments in the way of decentralization unless they gain sufficient power.

Even if “romantic decentralists” aren’t pleasant, I strongly believe that this strategy is the right one. World of today can’t cope with full decentralization. Governments find a way to block this kind of system. If “romantic decentralists” want to build a system which is full decentralized, Holochain is open source and they can build their system on it. Once they built, there are two options. They can’t reach global acceptance of system or governments block them. They can’t see this obvious future due to their romantic view.

However Holo team aware of reality and they pave the way for full decentralization via Holo. Holo is just a transition zone, not ultimate target. They reveal this in Green Paper.

I think that Holo team want to spread Holo to global scale at first. Until it is used globally (like today’s World Wide Web), they don’t want to contradict with governments. Maybe they have to obey rules and court decisions which request to block not only child porn but also contents which is threat for politicians. This situation will keep up until global acceptance.

Once global acceptance happen and banks, governments cannot live without Holo network (like today’s internet), I think Holo team will deauthorize themselves and turn Holo from semi-centralized into full decentralized.

“Once people​​ are ​​running ​​Holochain,​​ they don’t​​ need​​ anyone​​ to​​ host ​​for​​ them.​​ It​​ may ​​take ​​years/​​decades, ​​but Holo ​​is ​​transitional ​​platform, ​its semi-centralized​ ​features ​​may ​​be ​​just enough ​​motivation ​​for ​​people ​​to complete ​​the​ change over.”

Holo Team

At the end of the day we, ordinary people, have true decentralized internet that governments and big companies can’t limit us for the reason which is just harmful to their interests.

We know that decentralized internet is great but it cause some problematic. How can we prevent contents such as child porn?

I believe that humanity will find a way to solve this kind of problems. People, who can interact with each other in a free way and isn’t under pressure of governments and big companies, build a collective intelligence to overcome.

Because evolution continue, no one can stop it.


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